Creating a brighter future together.

We helped a global insurance brand transform a new purpose and big ambition into a distinct identity designed to disrupt a cold, corporate category and allow the brand to adapt to the ever-changing needs of modern consumers.

By positioning Zurich as a proactive brand that doesn’t just maintain the status quo, but helps people to take their future in their own hands, we created a warm, open, approachable brand identity that creates a safe space for a new generation of customers to take optimistic action for a brighter future.

Giuliano Garonzi, Anders Stake, Amelia Van Veenendaal, Valentina Mandozzi, Gregg Clampffer, Richard Hooker, Mike Farrell
Brand Identity
Design Direction
Environmental Design
Graphic Design
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Taking inspiration from the simple shape of the Zurich logo, we developed an infinitely varied optimistic shape language to mark the brand’s supportive presence across the span of their identity.

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