Who's a good shopper?


The Klarna app allows you to shop the things you love, without ever leaving the ones you love. Like your dog, obviously. In OOH, film and even in an activation we celebrated dogs and owners, spending more quality time together, while being able to do all their shopping on the Klarna app.

Simone Moessinger, Anders Stake, Matteo Gallinelli, Chris DeLorenzo, Renée Lam, Sarah Hardcastle
Graphic Design
Environmental Design
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To bring our idea physically to life we created the Klarna Pup-Up salon. The first salon made for dogs and humans. For 3 days duos could go in, spend quality time together, get pampered and groomed while shopping on the Klarna app. In the end over 60 duos walked out with matching makeovers and shopping lists completed.

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